Immigration Lawyer in Surrey : “How to avoid a rejection – Spousal Sponsorship Application”

Many of our clients come to us with a rejected Spousal Sponsorship Application. We have seen many of our clients attempt to complete the Spousal Sponsorship Application on their own or by using an inexperienced consultant. Below are some of the pitfalls to avoid when sending in your Spousal Sponsorship Application:

  • Not providing enough information about the genuineness of the relationship;
  • Specific details about how the couple met;
  • The relationship development from its beginning;
  • Immigration histories of the couple;
  • Disclosing prior relationships;
  • Ways in which the couple are compatible;
  • Mutual interests of the couple;
  • Not providing photographs or screenshots that prove the genuineness of the relationship; and
  • And a description of the cultural context.

Many Spousal Sponsorship Applications are rejected because of insufficient information provided by the Applicant. Although Allied Law practices in Spousal Sponsorship appeals, if clients come to us with an application, we recommend giving it your best shot on the initial application so you can save time and money and avoid the appeal process altogether.

In the unfortunate event that your Spousal Sponsorship Application is still denied, please call Allied Law 236-878-2433 to discuss your legal options.

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