How To Gather Immigration Documents for Canada

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The process of gathering immigration documents for Canada can be tedious, time-consuming, and complex, particularly when it comes to obtaining legal requirements. Fortunately, this process can be sped up using the right help. Immigration to Canada requires the presentation of assorted documents to back up one’s intention to reside and work permanently in Canada, but not all applications are successful. Canadian embassy officials often tell applicants to secure all documents before filing their application, since any missing documents can result in denied applications and delays.

How to Know What Documents to prepare for Canadian Immigration
Hopeful applicants can get a listing of the original and notarized documents needed for an immigration visa from the Canadian embassy website. It’s extremely important to compile all the documents in their required form since improper documentation can result in a denial of your application. Important documents needed in their original forms include the following:

1.) Immigration forms
2.) Academic transcripts
3.) Police certificates
4.) Financial statements
5.) Letters of reference
6.) Language examination results
7.) Photos for identification

Documents that usually can be submitted in notarized form include:

1.) Identity and civil status documents
2.) Birth certificates
3.) Travel documents and passports

Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer to help you with Gathering Documents:
You can seek the help of an immigration lawyer in gathering the needed documents for Canada. The legal process involved in the application for immigration to Canada is often complicated and tough to understand. Immigration lawyers can handle these complicated legal areas so that the applicant does not violate any rules or regulations regarding immigration to Canada. An immigration attorney can offer assistance in other matters aside from immigration such as the way to procure work permits, refugee claims, and benefits. They also have the legal knowledge required to solve the process of dual citizenship and dual passports. Typical services offered by immigration law firms include:

1.) Assistance with immigration visas and petitions
2.) Assistance with issues such as visa waivers, citizenship problems, immigration court proceedings, deportation hearings
3.) Procedures that involve refuges or people seeking political asylum

Immigration law offices in many cases are registered with the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, the official organization for lawyers that handle immigration issues. Attorneys must have enough credentials in order to act as immigration consultants. They must go through 7 years of education in addition to have working experience in a law firm in order to develop a reputation as trusted immigration expert in surrey.

Gathering immigration documents for Canada can be quite a tedious process, since immigration requirements tend to be more stringent when compared with other visa requirements. The process is more complex, and documents need to be in their correct and complete forms to assure a successful application to have an immigration visa to Canada. Having an immigration lawyer take care of the complex legal side of obtaining documents can give applicants a better probability of having their applications approved, since immigration lawyers with experience are aware of the paperwork that is needed and understand how the system works.

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