10 Canada Immigration Tips for Easy Settlement

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It is important to be successful while submitting your immigration application with CIC. This may include everything from getting informed, building your confidence, to getting the right representation. If you are looking to ensure all three points, here is the post on 10 Canada immigration tips that will help you settle easily.

Canada Immigration Tips for Beginners

  • Getting Informed

In case you don’t have fluency in speaking/writing English or French, ensure taking some classes for improvement. The need depends on where you are planning to live in Canada. You can also do quick research on the job market in the area you are planning to settle down. Doing so will give you an advantage by making you aware of the living and working conditions in Canada.

  • No Lies

When you are immigrating, it’ is very important that you present authentic information to the authorities. Submitting false information or details to an immigration officer or on the application is by far the quickest way of failing to immigrate to Canada. This may seem obvious but lists in one of the must-know Canada immigration tips. Don’t get yourself fooled by people encouraging you to lie or who promise that they can help you with documents supporting these lies. No matter they are members of your family or in Canada, never trust such people and never submit wrong facts.

  • Be Quick While Submitting Additional Information

The immigration officers may ask for additional information during the process to verify your immigration application and other important paperwork. In such a case, try to submit the required information as soon as possible to make sure that your process doesn’t get delayed.

  • Get Copies of All Documents

Another in our list of Canada immigration tips is keeping the copies of all important paperwork. Forget not to keep records of documents sent to the immigration office and received on their end, including application, dates, and copies of receipts (in case something is sent via courier).

  • Verify Credentials of Person(s) Representing You

Getting a reliable immigrant lawyer is the best way to ensure successful immigration to Canada, according to CIC Website. Thing is that while hiring someone who will represent you throughout your immigration application process, you always need to check for the authenticity of his/her credentials. You can additionally ask for references and physical office address where you can visit apart from a visual website.

  • Get a Local Certificate

Getting enrolled in some local course or training is one of the simplest to follow Canada immigration tips. This way you kind of become a part of the place and get to know various things meanwhile interacting and socializing with the local people.

  • Get a job

Another important means to settle in Canada is to get a job for survival (in case you are not a businessman or have income source). It’s true that the longer you depend on survival job the more time it will take you to go ahead in your specific field. But note that when you are in Canada especially with your family, you will need to pay your bills in time. This calls for a fixed income source and that is pretty much feasible with a survival job. So unless you don’t have many funds in your account, you should better look for a survival job.

  • Have a backup

This is certainly among the most important Canada immigration tips which apply while immigrating to any other place in the world. It is necessary and mandatory that you have sufficient funds in your account as a backup to meet the contingency. In case anything goes wrong, you should have at least, money to go back to your country.

  • Don’t Compare Dollars into Your Home Currency

One thing to remember is while you are in Canada is that there’s no need to translate your expenses in your home currency. Doing so might make you worry as if you are spending or giving too much money, however, that may be the normal price for the product or service there.

  • Be Ready for Climate Change

When you are immigrating to another country, you need to take care of the fact that the climate of the two places might be little or completely different. Talking about Canada, the country has two seasons, including cold and a very cold season. In any case, you need to be prepared for the climate on your end so that there’s no discomfort at the time of need.

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